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Profit Window Secrets Deliver 125% in 24 Days

Profit Window Secrets Deliver 125% in 24 Days

DISCLOSURE: These claims are based upon Wyatt Investment Research’s Profit Windows newsletter model portfolio. Between Sept. 26 2022 – June 14, 2023 the newsletter issued an average of 1 new trade every 5 days. Average gain per options trade was 16.32% and average annualized returns were 267% per trade. $5,000 invested per trade could have delivered an average profit of $816 per trade. The #1 best performing options trade saw a 124.9% gain in 24 days.

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Profit Windows Trading Game Plan: September 2023

Inside you’ll discover how a small group of traders are consistently WINNING +80% of their trades. Plus, they’re cashing in huge winners in a few short days…

  • 57.4% in Adobe in 24 days
  • 60.6% in Home Depot in 12 days
  • 65% in SAIA in 14 days
  • 72.1% in Teleflex in 6 days
  • 81% in L3Harris in 4 days
  • 125% in RLI Corp. in 24 days

The report also details my trading outlook for the next 30 days. This includes actionable ideas so you can limit your downside risk and maximize your profits in the next 30 days.

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