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On Wednesday July 18th,
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“420  CLUB”

Three Years To Becoming A Millionaire Webinar


You’ve been invited to attend Ian Wyatt’s Private “420 Club” Three Years To $1 Million Webinar on Wednesday July 18th at 2:00PM (EST). You can accept this invitation and register to attend simply by entering your email below.


Even if you can’t attend due to a scheduling conflict, you’re encouraged to sign up. There will be at least one rebroadcast of this historic event for all who register.

In this unprecedented webinar — Ian Wyatt, a lifelong investor and founder of Wyatt Investment Research, will reveal his new mission to help you become a millionaire over the next three years.   

In fact, he is doing something that nobody else has ever done. He is willing to GUARANTEE that he could help you become a bona fide millionaire over the next three years — if you meet just two simple qualifications (most Americans already meet one of them).   

During this free information-packed webinar, Ian will reveal the steps he’ll be taking to start and build a $1 Million portfolio over the next three years. And simply copying his steps month-by-month could make YOU a millionaire by December 31, 2021.   

Plus, you’ll also discover:

Why many marijuana stock enthusiasts are 100% CORRECT about the massive profit potential of cannabis companies. However, they’re missing one important factor that could mean the difference between you adding a nice chunk of change to your retirement savings… to making more money in the next three years than you’ve made during your entire life!   

The POWER of a “Real Money” Portfolio  — The majority of financial analysts and editors today publish financial recommendations, but never invest a penny of their own into those recommendations. However, Ian will “put his money where his mouth is” and show you how he’ll start and grow a $1 Million marijuana stock portfolio with his own money!   

Why you have NOT “missed the boat”  when it comes to investing in marijuana companies. Plus, you’ll learn precisely why those who think that could miss out on the fastest and easiest opportunities to make money in this rapidly-expanding sector of the stock market over the next three years.   

How Ian turned every $1,000 invested into $32,440 — Here, you’ll hear the story about how Ian created a similar “Real Money” portfolio — that’s still growing today — with regular everyday stocks that have delivered 826%831%… up to 3,767% gains. That last one has turned every $1,000 invested into $38,670! During the webinar, he’ll show you how his new marijuana stock portfolio could produce even bigger winners in less time.

The BIGGEST reason why the marijuana industry will be the most PROFITABLE industry that you’ll ever see in your life. It all has to do with a simple economic concept that nobody else is talking about. [*Once you see this, everything will “click” and make so much sense that you’ll be rushing to copy the stocks Ian is buying for his retirement portfolio, and put them in yours!]

The profit projections of the controversial “C-45” declaration that could cause certain North American marijuana stocks to spike 200%... 500%... up to 1,000% or more over the next 12 months, and why it could “fast-track” ALL of your investment goals.

How Three Growth Phases Could Mean Three Separate Fortunes For You — Here, Ian will reveal the three growth phases set to occur over the next three years. He’ll cover the dates each will start and end, and the three separate fortunes you could make from them. (Important Note: The first phase starts in August 2018, making now the perfect time to get started.)

Why he is CHANGING his four kids’ 529 college savings plans — Ian is absolutely certain that this sector of the market is set to take off to the moon. That's why he is supplementing his four kids’ college funds with these carefully-vetted marijuana stocks. And he’ll show you why you may want to consider doing the same for your children and grandchildren!

And much, much more!

“You are in a position, right now, to dramatically GROW your retirement savings – in a way you never imagined before – over the next three years so that you may never have to worry about money ever again!”

Ian has this to say to webinar attendees ahead of the event:

He has a packed agenda with lots to cover, and if you’ve never heard him speak before — you’re going to enjoy his down-to-earth teaching style and learning about numerous life-changing profit opportunities in the rapidly-growing marijuana market.

The webinar will start promptly at 2:00PM (EST) on Wednesday July 18th.    

However, we encourage you to get on the privately-hosted website a few minutes early, as we’re expecting a large turnout for this event and access may be limited.   

And if, by chance, all the spots are taken and you get locked out of the webinar… please remember that we are guaranteeing at least one rebroadcast of the event.


Ian Wyatt
 CEO & Founder of Wyatt Investment Research

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