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What Is it?

Workshop Premiers December 9th 
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A high-quality 5-part video series jam-packed with the underground secrets and tactics the richest 1% have been using to “game the system.”

What Will I Learn?

  • How to begin collecting $2,715 (or more) in rental income TOMORROW on properties in your local area…without actually owning those properties.

  • The sneaky way you can buy an ENTIRE business for 80% less than other methods and have it pay you $75,033 a month. Plus, you don’t have to leave your house and you’ll work less than 5 hours per week.

  • How to turn a $100 bill into a $200,000 property that you own free and clear.

  • How to pull in 21% to 36% per year WITHOUT investing in the stock market, by getting paid by the government when other people don’t pay their taxes.

  • Ian Wyatt’s master disaster plan – why Ian is preparing for a recession and exactly how he’s “recession proofing” his investment portfolio.

Binge all five of the videos in this investigative documentary series starting on December 9th.

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5-Part Investigative Documentary Reveals...

3 Underground Wealth Secrets You Could Use to Generate +$75,033 Per Month


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